Moving Coil Step Up Transformers

1. New Stock of the Cinemag 3440AH and Cinemag 1254 transformers have now arrived.  Please see second item below for the design features of SUTs using these transformers. The Cinemag 1254 transformers are the top of the line models and the price is $725.95 for a fully completed unit.  Please get in touch via the contacts page if you wish to order. The 1254 transformers are now sold out. The 3440AH are still available.



MC Step-Up with Cinemag 3440AH Transformers


  • Cinemag 3440AH - these are the Blue Labels with superior laminations. 
  • SUT configured for switching between  9x (loads at 560 Ohms) and  18x gain (loads at 140 Ohms). Can be configured for 36x gain (loads around 50 Ohms).
  • Gold-plated CMC RCAs
  • Easy to use ground terminal
  • Ground and lift switch to aid in eliminating hum issues
  • PDF user guide provided