Aurealis RCA Interconnects

R1 Dragon Series

The R1 Dragon cable are constructed of three different gauges of wire 28, 26 and 24 awg. and combines UPOCC silver and copper Litz in the signal path.  Consider by many to be the best cable Aurealis makes.



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R3i Series - Carbon Shielded Interconnects

The R3i series interconnects are the first Aurealis handcrafted interconnects to be fully shielded. This enables the R3i interconnects to be used anywhere in the system with excellent results, but unlike the R1 and R4 interconnects, they can also be used:

  • From turntable to phono stage amplifier
  • From turntable to MC SUT (step-up transformer)
  • From MC SUT to phono stage amplification

The R3i interconnects feature a unique internal geometry that employs only the highest quality conductors and the best air teflon dielectric available. Shielding is a combination of copper foil and bare pure silver wire.

Four cables are available in the R3 series:

  • R3i CuL - UPOCC copper high strand litz conductors
  • R3i AgS - UPOCC silver solid core conductors
  • R3i AgL - UPOCC silver high strand litz conductors

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Duelund Series

The Duelund interconnects are available as a standard and premium versions.  Choose between Duelund 20GA wire or 26GA and even the special combination of Duelund and Neotech UPOCC.


The premium cable (shown in image) uses ETI Copper Link RCAs, conductive carbon shielding and has an external cotton braid. 


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