UPOCC Silver and Copper Helix Litz


A very beautiful and sweet sounding interconnect with immaculate detail and great sound staging.  Bass is precise and deep, and the high end has remarkable clarity.  This cable uses the new Aurealis silver and copper Litz wire - spun together as shown image 4. 


  • UPOCC silver and copper Litz hybrid conductors insulated in PE.
  • Cable damping and insulation in foamed teflon tube
  • new conductive carbon shielding
  • ETI Kryo RCAs (silver-plated copper with brass housing)
  • Finished in a forest green braid - double thickness


  • Ships within 1-3 days

R1 Dragon XLR

Special 7-strand Geometry -  UPOCC Silver and Copper Litz

R1 Dragon Balanced Cable - Silver and Copper Litz


It's taken a long while but the silver/copper Litz Dragon is now available as a balanced cable.  In order to achieve a balanced configuration the amount of wire in the signal path has been doubled.



  • 7 Litz wires per channel.  Silver and copper Litz are combine in the signal paths (Pin 2 and Pin 3)
  • As with the RCA version, 3 different gauges of Litz wire are used - 24, 26 and 28 awg
  • The Litz wire used is our own premium Litz.  This is a genuine UPOCC Litz with a very high strand count and each strand insulated in enamel.  There are around 100 signal carriers on Pin 2 and Pin  3 of this cable.  This results in immaculate detail, a great sound stage, and a cable that is very close to lossless
  • The Litz wire is supported by the wonderful ETI Kryo XLRs.  These use silver-plated copper pins insulated in a teflon block.
  • Cotton sheathing and a foamed teflon tube are used for support and to dampen microphonics
  • Double external braiding with the outside braid in the green and black Dragon colours

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  • Ships within 1-3 days


UPOCC Copper Litz


  • UPOCC copper Litz signal conductors and ground wire
  • PE and foamed teflon insulation
  • conductive carbon shielding
  • Double braiding finished in red sleeving
  • ETI Copper Link XLRs -
  • Superior detail and transparency
  • Improved bass and sound-staging
  • Not a warm sounding cable, but a slight tonal warmth from the purity of the copper compared to the Aurealis cables using silver Litz.

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  • Ships within 1-3 days

Duelund 50

Duelund and Neotech UPOCC

Duelund 50

The Duelund 50 combines Duelund tin-plated copper wire with Neotech UPOCC wire in a 50:50 combination.  This results in a  cable that is wonderfully transparent and evenly handed across the full frequency range.  It is an interconnect that simply gets out of the way.  



- 26GA Duelund combined with 28GA Neotech UPOCC copper for each XLR pin (pins 1, 2 and 3).  The shield is not forced to double as the ground connector on pin1

- uses a fully balanced wire geometry. Compared to the RCA (unbalalnced version of this cable), the balanced cable has additional runs of both Duelund 26 and Neotech wire

- a carbon conductive shield for the best available noise rejection 

- matched to the OFC Copper Link XLRs from ETI Research

- foamed PFTE internal tubing creates an air-teflon dialectric for the conductors and contributes to an interconnect with excellent flexibility



  • Ships within 1-3 days

Spiral 2 XLR

Copper and silver helix geometry

Spiral 2

The Spiral_2 XLR has clarity, detail and a lovely layering of vocals and instruments.  A great cable for long runs to active speakers or mono blocks.

  • copper and silver hybrid cable using stranded and solid core wire
  • Twisted pair spiral wound geometry to improve overall performance and eliminate any brightness at the top end
  • Double shielding of pure copper braid and aluminium foil
  • Low capacitance
  • Cotton and rice paper damping
  • Abbatron XLRs - silver plated pure copper signal pins


Spiral2 XLR


  • Ships within 1-3 days