Crystal IEM Cables from Aurealis Audio

Cables of Unique and Precious Quality

The Crystal series of cables are constructed from the purest precious metals sourced from the highest quality wire producers.  Only genuine Litz wire using 30 awg bundles are used. While other cable makers have been crafting their premium cables from thicker and thicker strands of wire, years of experience have shown us that better results are achieved with higher multiples wires thinner wire.


The Crystal series of cables delivers:

  • exceptional sound quality:  high purity precious metals deliver speed, precision detail and spacious sound stage
  • superior comfort and flexibility:  a delicate weave of 8, 12 and 16 wires creates a cable that is tangle free and  low in microphonics
  • premium look and feel: fully transparent insulation allows the conducting metal to shine like crystal while feeling soft and comfortable in the hand 

Six cables are available in the range to meet the needs of listeners.


  • Crystal Water - silver and copper alloy
  • Crystal Earth - pure copper
  • Crystal Sky - pure silver
  • Crystal Wind - gold / silver alloy
  • Crystal Air - gold / silver alloy wire combined with gold-plated silver wire
  • Crystal Fire - gold-plated silver wire



Please contact us about the type of cable you are looking for. 


If you would like further information or are interested in purchasing please get in touch with Aurealis Audio via the Contacts Page.