Spiral 8 Speaker Cables

New Unique Hybrid Geometry

  • Eight conductors of 19 awg spiral wire per channel. Power handling capacity equal to 13 awg per positive and negative pole
  • Each wire has a silver helix wrapped around a copper core. This allows the sound of copper and silver to mix without any of the downsides you usually get from silver-plated copper.  No brightness at the top end, no flabby bass and no artificial leanness to the sound.
  • Each wire is insulated in PTFE, and 8 wires are wrapped around a central PE core to achieve a spiral construction of four twisted pairs
  • The cable is full shielded with a copper braid and aluminium foil. 
  • The copper used is rated at 99.999% purity

Superb Musical Performance

The combination of silver and copper in the spiral helix geometry results in:


- excellent transparency and accurate detail

- improved separation and layering of instrumentation and vocals

- a full and extended frequency range

- a neutral tonal quality without colouration


The overall result is a smooth presentation that will assist your speakers to deliver better imagining and sound staging.


Pricing and Ordering

Spiral 8 Speaker Cables

- finished in full black soft touch sleeving

- Neotech gold-plated pure copper banana plugs (spades also available please query via contact page)

- black aluminium splitters

- best match:  4 ohm speakers and amplifiers up to 250 watts; 8 ohm speakers and amplifiers up to 450 watts


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  • Ships within 1-3 days