Pure Solid Core Silver Speaker Cable

Limited Edition

This is 4N silver (99.99% purity) speaker cable developed after several years of testing out high quality silver wire from Australia, the UK and USA. This is the sweetest sounding 4N silver I have come across. The key features of this cable are:

  • It is tonally rich, and surprisingly for silver a touch on the warm side
  • It has lots of detail, and excellent transparency and clarity,
  • Sound staging is impressive, and it is superb in lifting vocals - particularly female vocals - from the background music.

The construction of this cable is in a classic 4-wire braid using 20 awg dead-soft solid core wire. Each 20 awg strand is highly polished and inserted in a close-fitting transparent teflon tube, before being braided. Two 20 awg wires are for the signal path and two for the return path, giving the cable a total gauge of close to 16 awg.


My conservative recommendation is that they would be best suited for amplifiers up to around 100 watts into 8 Ohm speakers. But that is for absolute peak performance and provided that your speakers don't have a big impedance dip in the lower frequency range these cables should perform well with more powerful amplifiers.


Please note that these cables can be constructed for up to 4 metre runs, but availability is determined by the amount of this silver I am able to import in Australia. Please contact me for further information.


Aurealis Pure Silver Speaker Cables

Choose between gold-plated Swiss multi-contact banana plugs or gold-plated copper spades.  If you need a mix of spades and bananas please contact. 



  • Limited Availability
  • Ships within 1-3 days