Aurealis R1 Dragon Interconnect

Limited stock available. The high quality silver Litz used in this cable remains in short supply.  Interconnect lengths available are between 0.75 and 1.25 metres.

R1 Dragon with ETI Kryo RCAs - Silver and Copper Litz - Limited Availability

R1 Dragon with ETI Kryo RCAs


  • A mix of silver and a copper UPOCC genuine Litz - 296 strands of Litz in total per channel
  • 3 different gauges of Litz wire in the special R1 helix geometry
  • PE insulation on wiring
  • Foamed teflon and cotton damping for flexibility and to eliminate microphonics
  • Double braided sleeving
  • ETI Kryo RCA - featuring silver-plated copper contact pins and brass housing
  • Exceptional detail and openness in this cable, with wonderful clarity and precision across a broad frequency range
R1 Dragon with Pure Harmony RCAs


  • Ships within 1-3 days