Finesse SR Speaker Cables

 Finesse SR Series:  Multiples of 24 awg silver over copper with teflon insulation. Choose from 18 awg up to 12 awg.  Technically the Finesse SR Series comes out on top.  The use of multiple pairs of 24 awg separated by foamed teflon ensures immaculate detail, dynamics, transparency and 3D imagining.  A nice open multi-layered sound.

Finesse SR 424e - 18 Gauge

Finess SR 424e


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Finesse SR 624e - 16 Gauge

Finess SR 624e



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Finesse SR 1024e - 14 Gauge

Finess SR 1024e



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Finesse SR 1624e - 12 awg

Finess SR 1624e



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