HiFiman 2-Pin coaxial headphone cable


Only the bare wire version of the coaxial headphone cable is available for HiFiman headhones.  This is due to the thickness of coaxial wire and the slim-style 3.6 mm TRS connectors used by the HiFiman headphones.


A 2-step checkout process allows you to choose:

  1. your cable length (1.8 - 4 metres); and
  2. the source connector needed for your DAC / headphone



For each step please add you choice to the shopping cart and then click "continue shopping" to return to the next step.  For example:

  • At step 1 choose the desired length of 2 metres and click add to cart.  This will show  your shopping cart with the chosen length added. Click continue shopping to return to step 2 to choose the source connector.


When stock is available Step 2 will allow you to upgrade the source connector to the Furutech equivalent.


Step 1. Choose Cable Length


Please choose the length of the headphone cable you require between 1.8 and 4 metres.  The price shown for this item is inclusive of standard headphone connectors, source connectors and sleeving.


Upgrade options for Furutech source connectors can be chosen at Step 2 below.




  • Ships within 1-3 days

Step 2. Choose Source Connector


Choose you source connector: Neutrik  4-pin XLR or 6.35 mm TRS.  Upgrade options for Furutech can be chosen when stock is available.



Source plug


  • Ships within 1-3 days