Duelund Interconnects

Duelund 50

Duelund 50 Interconnect

The Duelund 50 is different to the other Duelund interconnects offered by Aurealis.   It combines Duelund tin-plated copper wire with Neotech UPOCC wire in a 50:50 combination.  This results in a  cable that is wonderfully transparent and evenly handed across the full frequency range.  It is an interconnect that simply gets out of the way.  



- 26GA Duelund combined with 28GA Neotech UPOCC copper in both the signal and return paths

- uses a 4-wire balanced geometry plus a carbon conductive shield for the best available noise rejection 

- matched to the OFC Copper Link RCAs from ETI Research

- foamed PFTE internal tubing creates an air-teflon dialectric for the conductors and contributes to an interconnect with excellent flexibility




  • Ships within 1-3 days

Duelund 100 _ Limited supply of Duelund RCAs available - please contact for ordering

Duelund 100 Interconnect

The new Duelund 100 interconnect combines the Duleund 26 GA wire with their UPOCC RCAs to deliver 100% Duelund sound.  Immaculate clarity across an extended frequency range while still delivering the wonderful Duelund tonality and natural mid-range presentation.



- 26 GA tin-plated Duelund wire in the famous oil cotton insulation

-four solid core wires woven in a noise rejection geometry

- gold-plated UPOCC Duelund RCAs in non-magnetic compressed paper RCAs.  PTFE insulation between positive and negative solder points. *

- high quality colour matching external sleeving

- lead free silver solder


* Please note that Duelund has also introduced a second RCA series which are known as the "paper plug".  These replaced the existing  PTFE insulation between positive and negative points with a special compressed paper.



  • Ships within 1-3 days