Coaxial Headphone Cables

Welcome to the big open sound of Aurealis Audio coaxial headphone cables.  The use of special analogue Litz wire allows a fully shielded approach to headphone cabling.  The sound is detailed, smooth and balanced.  


Designs for Sennheiser, Audeze. Focal and Hifiman are available and these will also suit other headphones which use similar connectors.




The overall gauge of the wire used is 16 awg.  That divides to 17 awg for the copper shielding with 250 strands of litz wire and 23 awg  with 60 strands of silver plated copper for the signal conductor.   The copper in oxygen-free and 99.99% purity.

Two wires are required for each headphone cable.   Due to the larger gauge of the wire, the Coaxial cables are recommended for use with most of the larger headphone connectors. 


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Three styles of paracord are available or bare wire style can be chosen for those who prefer a natural copper colour.


Focal 3.5 mm
Lounge Lizard

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