Silver/Copper Litz Speaker Cables

Litz Speaker Cables - Copper-Silver Hybrid

This is second of the new Aurealis cables that will be available soon. Unlike the others which are constructed of solid core and very robust this one is a mix of silver and copper litz wire.  Many hundreds of fine insulated wires in pure silver and pure copper, with each fine strand fully insulated and carrying its own signal.  To protect these delicate wires we've dressed this cable up a bit more than we normally would.  The litz wires are fully enclosed in a braid covered tube, then split into finer tubing for positive and negative paths.  A particular feature of the cable is that we've double the number of Litz wires in the negative / return path, making it a much faster cable. 


Currently we are testing this cable on a range of systems and so far the results have been excellent.  On valve amplifiers it's proven to be one of the most detailed and 3D imagining cables available.  The sound stage is deep, broad and open.  We've moved onto testing these on solid state amplifiers up to 100 watts and the wonderful detail and sound staging of these cables is proving a consistent characteristic. 


Indicative price is $600 for a 2 metre pair.