4N Pure Silver Speaker Cables

Following the revamp of the UPOCC copper speaker cables, Aurealis Audio will be shortly introducing two further cables to the line-up.  


The first of these will be a a pure silver cable in a 4-wire braid.  This is 4N silver (99.99% purity). Each 20 awg strand is highly polished and inserted in a close-fitting teflon tube.  This is the sweetest sounding 4N silver I have come across, and I have tested quite a few from different sources.  It is tonally rich, lots of detail, and, surprisingly for silver, a touch on the warm side. Sound staging is also impressive.  Prices will range from around $400 for a 2 metre cable up to $700 for a 4 metre pair.  


The total gauge of the cable is around 16-17 awg and my conservative recommendation is that they would be best suited for amplifiers up to 75 watts into 8 Ohm speakers.  But that is for peak performance and provided that your speakers don't have a big impedance dip in the lower frequency range these cables should perform well with more powerful amplifiers. 


At this stage I am still in the process of ordering components in for these cables, but I am happy to take pre-orders or answer any enquiries.  It may also be possible to make a demo cable available to regular customers, but the length of these is restricted to 2.2 metres. 


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    Spence. (Tuesday, 06 March 2018 05:24)

    Would love a pre-listen with the demo.
    Order to follow if it passes with gold stripes.

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    JP (Thursday, 07 January 2021 19:57)

    Hello, what is the cost for 1.5m 4N sure silver speaker cable ?

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    Kevin Saffari (Monday, 16 May 2022 00:54)

    Hello , I am a high end audio distributer / dealer in United states . I was wondering if I can distributer these cables in United States ? Can I demo ? I have systems that are 70 watts to 600 watts per channel. I need power cords , speaker cables as well as interconnects! I’m not sure If this is possible with you folks ? Let me know please. My company is Audiologiconline.com
    Thanks in advance.